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You need to know what I blog about before adding me tho; the list is long (hang in there)

  • SMAP

  • Arashi/K8 (I'm Aiba and Ryo biased)

  • Shonentai/Matchy/Hikaru Genji (well the senpai)

  • MATSUDA SEIKO (and other showa idols)

  • I might rant once or two on something that irritates me in other fandoms like AKB48 or PERFUME.

Also I write fanfictions( I f-lock them after a week)

The list above isn't all I might blog about lol, I'm a Johnny's fan so some posts about random groups or even unknown juniors might pop out of nowhere. If you feel like dealing with all this and not just being a silent reader feel free to add me :) (drop a comment so I can add you back..or I'll never know lol)

I'm alive! Active again

I've been away for YEARS now! I've done so many things and I just forgot about my account here, but here I am again. I'm going to be very active now, I miss whatever I was doing on here (and my fics ahah) so yeah here I am.
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[Life of (山)PI] Prologue: The sky's tears

Title: Life of (山)PI
Length: chaptered
Pairing: None for now
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: I seriously I owned a yamapi (lol)
Summary: Yamapi is a young man making his first steps in the ebtertainment industry. He learns the way of this world with much difficulty.

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[Drama Review] Saigo no koi(最後の恋), starring Nakai masahiro

A/N: this is my first drama review ever so deal with the unprofessionalism U_U I'm just a fan afterall.

Title: Saigo no koi (最後の恋) or Last Love
Genre: Slice of life, romance, and a bit hospital drama-ishh
Number of episodes: 11
Runtime: from July 11, 1997 to September 19, 1997
Cast: Nakai Masahiro(Natsume), Tokiwa Takako(Aki-chan)


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[Fic] Nakai series: "Two days, no more"

I'm starting a Nakai fic collection I named  "Two days, no more". For various reasons. This collection will contain:
The theme is: Nakai is someone who likes perfection and enjoys having time for himself. And whenever he falls in love and decide to take the relationship further, his habit of wanting to plan and control everything surfaces.

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